Guests: We had several guests at our meeting today.  The Winners of the Vocational Scholarships were present and two of the girls brought their fathers.  The three winners were: Cecilia Diaz, Maria Perez, and Lluvia Perez.  The purpose of the vocational scholarship program is to provide educational opportunities for those who are preparing for careers which require less than a four-year degree. 


  • A few dates were discussed for the Golf Outing.  Choices included: August 15 (Saturday) or September 8 (Tuesday).  Members selected Tuesday, August 8th for the Golf Outing.  Sign up forms and sponsor forms are on the Villa Park Rotary website, located under the downloads section on the right hand side of the screen as PDF files. 

Happy News: Bill Schewe shared news of his vacation in Europe.

Birthdays: None.